Honda Civic 1.9 TDi Tuned

ProStreet is a small car, the tuning is not great at the end of basic things are there
so much so that the car



Nissan Sklyine R34 Prostreet

I converted the car with all my works, and learn more
soon I will have already been modeled as can be seen in the Opel also



About Me

Hi, I am a Hungarian man and a 16-year-old deal Zmodelerel like Gta Sanandreast study has already been converted, but I can learn something and now is now a model of sound work for a car this week, maybe I can be! In addition, an Opel Signum 1.9TDI work now!
Many people like to wait here, I'm friendly like to hülyülni buddies to help and if you like, however, I have a friend a couple of modeling too! There is still much to be able to tell myself it modeller toys! Now that much of myself


more pictures big spend only a page and move the stuff was brought over here!
Recently converted car will be only because it has already learned to convert:) a lot of people who can help:)

H.K.S dob

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ProoStreet Nissan 240SXTuned


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2007 Audi TT Undercorver

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2007 Seat Leon Cupra Tuned ProoStreet

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